Does fruit sugar make you fat? – Times of India – Telegraph

Recent studies and new opinions have given a bad name to high fructose corn syrup. Studies show how fructose corn syrup and glucose can have a negative effect on one's health and leads to weight gain. But what about fructose from fruit? Fruits, after all, are considered healthy food. Let's find out.

Understanding Sugars
What we commonly call sugar is categorised into three types – sucrose, glucose, and fructose. Though they are all sweet, the way your body metabolises each of them, varies. Fructose is a sugar that's naturally found in fruits and vegetables, and is metabolised in the liver and relies on the enzyme, fructokinase, to initiate metabolism. Unlike glucose, it does not cause insulin spike, and stimulates production of leptin. A study conducted by endocrinology and diabetes department at the University of Minnesota, US, says found out that fructose, that occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables, is a modest component of energy intake and should not be of concern.

Fruits Are Fine
Other studies suggest that fructose from fruit does not produce the same insulin spike that is produced by glucose or sucrose. You would have to consume a large quantity of fruits daily before it starts being detrimental to your health. Fresh fruit is high in water and fiber, so its naturally occurring sugar is less concentrated than other sweet foods. With the high amount of dietary fibre and the kind of satiety that they offer, the portion size of your fruit consumption is always in limit. There is absolutely no reason to avoid fruits until you are allergic to them or you are on a Ketogenic diet. There is no possible way that fruits are unhealthy and they will not lead to extreme weight gain.

— Anuj Tyagi, Mensxp.com